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    New Generation Learn To Speak On Mobile First…!

    Sharma ji introduced his very young daughter to some friends, but the girl sat silently through the introduction. Curious guests asks if she is dump and deaf?  Sharma ji explained her silence by saying, she is not used to talking other than only on mobile,  brings smile on everyone’s face. Today’s kids are exposed to technology first than real life experience.  More

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    The Lighter Side Of The Things About Life:

    A psychology student was asked by his teacher to tell about memory with an example. He answered:  – Memory is what keeps telling you that you know the guy/girl without giving you any idea who he/she  is. – Nobody is wrong all the time. Even a clock with a dead battery is right twice a day. Teacher gets impressed with his answer.  More

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    Romance And Diamond Go Hand in Hand….!

    During marriage, a poor guy promised to keep his wife happy, fulfills all her wishes, needs and also promises to be truthful. His wife asked him for assurance and demands a diamond…Poor guy was left speechless by her demand since she asked diamond knowing his financial condition. When it comes to romance, we’re still living in the stone age as the stone most popular is the diamond.. More

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    Every Man Goes Through This Phase In Life !

    ‘How I first met your mother’ is not a story for little ears like yours’, Mr. Mathur told his son Mantu while watching evening news. But one thing I can tell you. It certainly cured me of impressing girls by lifting their mom’s grocery bags… Ever since I met her, I have been lifting only her shopping bags, ….. More

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