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    What’s Thing Which Is Never Stagnant?

    Peter: As I was walking along a street in a small town, a man came up to me and asked, ‘What time is it?’  I looked at my watch and answered, It’s five o’clock.  I must be going crazy, said the man. All day long I keep getting different answers… More

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    Carelessness Is Dangerous…

    Champu and Tinku were on a bicycle that was built to carry two young boys.  They had a ‘very hard time’ going up a steep hill, but they finally got to the top.  Champu says Oh dear, I didn’t think we would ever make it. Tinku replies, Well, I helped. I kept the brakes on so we wouldn’t roll back down. Champu: Realises Tinku’s over-carefulness causing them that hard time and feels a facepalm moment.. More

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    Who is Smartiest?

    Several men were sitting around bragging about how smart their dogs are.  Battu: ”My dog is so smart that I can send him out to the store for eggs. He sniffs around the boxes and refuses to accept any boxes unless they are fresh.” Chintu: “My dog is so smart that he goes out for cigars, and he always comes homewith my favorite brand.” Battu and Chintu turned to a third man Pappu who had been sitting quietly. “Have you ever heard of any dog that is as smart as ours?” asked Battu. Pappu:  “Well, only one dog, Mine.” Battu: […] More

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