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    White Parents vs. Desi Parents !

    White Parents: Hey Lucy, I just wanted to wish you luck on your SAT exams. We prayed for you at  Church.. I know you’re a smart girl. Don’t stress about scores, just be confident! Love you tons.. (they relieves tension) Desi Parents:  Remember Sharma Uncle son got 2300 (they give tension), you must get more.  More

  • Desi parents’ reaction when you don’t get 100 out of 100

    Today I found out I got an 89 in my AP class and I had the highest score in my class. My dad started slapping, said I wasn’t his son, and that I would work at a gas station just like him for the rest of my life. He even says I should go ahead remember how much everything costs at the store.#MLID. -pakistani_memon More

  • Desi dad’s way of getting work done for him

    Today, my dad told me that he used to be one of those kids who says “chai gharam! areee chai, chai, chai gharam!” and sell it for 5 paise. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious because he did it so well. Then he told me to go make 3 cups of chai gharam for him. #MLID. -LuckMC11 More

  • Leaving from a Desi party is a task!

    Today, I was at a desi party. I told my friend I was going to leave for home. I was saying bye to the other people there (there were only about 20 people total). It took an hour and a half to say bye to everyone. Hadn’t I said bye to even one person, they would conclude that I am a rude person. #MLID. -LuckMC11 More

  • Why NRI’s gain weight when they visit India

    Today, after visiting friends and relatives in 10 houses in India, I gained 10 pounds. Every house I went to I was forced to eat or drink something or else I cannot leave. However, when I ate a small plate of some food, I was immediately given another plate saying that that was nothing. #MLID. -LuckMC11 More

  • When you reach on time for a Desi party!

    Today, we went to a dinner party at a desi family’s house. They said to come at 7 p.m. … We mistakenly arrived at 7:05 p.m., only to find them still getting dressed, cleaning, and cooking. They were furious, but told us to sit down. That was the most awkward 2 hrs until the party started. #MLID -Gol Guppa More