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  • What makes you beautiful? Best Message by Amitabh Bachchan!

    At the naughty age of 50… We had our school reunion…one of my friend mentioned – look at the girls..they are still looking so beautiful …even today,I skipped a heartbeat looking at my crush … But the boys are looking so old…many are bald with protruding tummies & shrunken faces …Made me think…what makes a person beautiful?  Is it just looks?Obviously, it’s nice to look good…it may boost ones confidence & social interactions …but is it enough? I guess there is a vast difference between ‘looking’ beautiful & ‘being’ beautiful… A lady who has disfigured her body during pregnancy …now […] More

  • A TRUE STORY of A boy From Rags to Riches: MUST READ

    *Many years ago, on a Sallah Day, in Dubai, a very Rich Man who had no wife, no children, no other family members, decided to invite all the employees of his Mansion to dinner.* *He called the staff and asked them to sit at the table.* *In front of everyone there was a QUR’AN /holy book and a small sum of MONEY.* *After everyone had their dinner, the Rich Man asked:* *”What would you prefer to receive as a gift: this QUR’AN or this MONEY?* *Do not be shy, you can choose what you want. “* *THE SECURITY GUARD WAS […] More

  • Struggles strengthen us to face life’s difficulties: MUST RE

    The best message I have read in a while  A man, an avid Gardener saw a small Butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots in his garden. Since that day he looked at the egg with ever-growing curiosity and eagerness. The egg started to move and shake a little. He was excited to see a new life coming up right in front of his eyes. He spent hours watching the egg now.  The egg started to expand and develop cracks. A tiny head and antennae started to come out ever so slowly.  The man’s excitement knew no bounds. He […] More

  • Silence could speak louder than voice….Must Read…

    Can you hear a pin drop? What is the meaning of pin drop silence? Following are some instances when silence could speak louder than voice.  Take 1: Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw once started addressing a public meeting at Ahmedabad in English.  The crowd started chanting, “Speak in Gujarati.  We will hear you only if you speak in Gujarati.”  Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw stopped.  Swept the audience with a hard stare and replied,  “Friends, I have fought many a battle in my long career.  I have learned Punjabi from men of the Sikh Regiment;  Marathi from the Maratha Regiment;  […] More

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    The Difference – Crazy vs Stupid….Interesting MUST READ

    A truck driver was doing his usual delivery to a Mental Hospital.  Just as he was about to leave, he discovered he had a flat tyre. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down.  When he was about to fix the spare tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain.  Try as he might, he couldn’t fish the bolts out. He was at his wits’ end.  Just then one of the patients happened to walk by and asked the driver what happened.  The driver thought what the heck, there was nothing much he could do. […] More