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  • Wife needs no Reason to scold husband….

    Wife: talked to her husband sweetly surprising and asked him to get salt from the kitchen. Husband: searched in the kitchen and said there is no salt here. Wife: I knew it. That you are blind, lazy etc. You can’t do any work properly. Just knows how to make excuses. Do some work in life atleast. I knew that you will get not salt, so I already brought it with me. Husband: reaction was shocked!!!! More

  • Changing Women Is Quite A Difficult Task Even For Lord !

    Pleased with the penance of a devotee, the Lord said, What do you want child? The devotee said: Lord …Please make a road from earth to the sky. Lord: It’s difficult, ask some other boon? Devotee: Lord…Please make my wives sensible, gentle, cool and religious. Lord: Shall I make the road single or double? More

  • How to shut a teacher!

    A tutor asked a question to a student. Sir: Who was Birbal? Student : I don’t know Sir: If you concentrate on Studies then you will know Student: Who are Raj, Sunny, Bunty ? Sir: I don’t know Student: If you concentrate on your daughter then you will know…. Sir: scolded him for his misbehavior. More

  • Sandwiched Between Teacher and Parents !

    A Pakistani boy took admission in American School. Teacher: What is your name? Boy: Ahmed Teacher: Now you are in the US, so today your name is John. The boy reached home. Mother: How was your first day? Ahmed! Boy: I’m American now and asked her to call him John. As soon as the mother and father listened to him, they beat him fiercely. The next day he reached the school with the injury marks on the body. Teacher: What happened John? Boy: Only 4 hours after becoming American, two Pakistanis attacked me. More

  • Wrong Diagnosis blunder !

    One of the Leg of the man turned blue. Doctor: Maybe the poison has spread … After a few days the other leg also got blue … Doctor: – The poison is spreading in this stomach. He cut the two legs and put an artificial leg. A few days later, artificial leg became blue. Doctor: – Now you understand your illness. Your lungi leaving the color. More

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    Clever Girlfriend Gets Fooled By Smart Boyfriend !

    A greedy Woman thought to make some quick money from her boyfriend. Woman: I forgot my purse at home, I need 1000 Rs. Can you please give me?  Boyfriend: don’t be hesitant and gives …… 10 rupees. Just go home by rickshaw And take the purse Woman gets unconscious hearing this. More