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  • Electricity Power Cuts Is Indeed Good !

    Powerful Message From Electricity Board….: Power cuts are the only time that the whole family assembles together & members speak to each other. … as Wi-Fi also remains off… Seeing this, the Electricity Board has decided to have a new tagline that says:  *”Connecting People by Disconnecting Power”!* …. Powerful Message, indeed! More

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    Pleasant Moment In Man’s life Is …..?

    A contest is being held… Contestants needed to write one sentence that signifies *peace, pleasantness, and happiness.* Out of 200 contestants, only one person won the award..  Judges had tears in their eyes and hugged the winner.. guess the sentence written by the winner… My wife is sleeping … More

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    How One Can Handle Others’s Wisely….!

    Mark Zuckerberg’s car hit a Malaysian guy’s car . . .  Guy in anger : Do you know who I am ? Mark : Yes, you are Rangaswami , you have 237 friends out of which 37 are females and your wife doesn’t know 12 of them. Last holiday you went to Thailand and there you . . . Malaysian guy : Leave it bro, it was my fault. More