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  • A few interesting letters or critics from teachers.😉

    Now a days teachers are not allowed to say or write anything negative… A few interesting letters from teachers to get around this……. I loved every one of them . Dear Parent, We are delighted to inform you that your child displays remarkable initiative. Not for him the simple-minded obedience to teachers. We refer to his admirable refusal to do homework. We have, however, humbly requested him to stoop to our level and condescend to do his homework. Your support is appreciated. Yours anxiously, Teacher Dear Parent, Your child’s distaste for mundane subjects such as mathematics shows an imaginative mind. […] More

  • Earthworm Story: A child misinterprets his teacher! MUST READ

    Four earthworms are placed in four separate test tubes: 1st in beer 2nd in wine 3rd in whiskey 4th in mineral water The next day, the teacher shows the results: The 1st worm in beer, dead. The 2nd in wine, dead. The 3rd in whiskey, dead. The 4th in mineral water, alive and healthy. The teacher asks the class: – What do we learn from this experience? And a child responds: – Whoever drinks beer, wine and whiskey, does not have worms. More

  • Don’t deprive yourself and eat food in moderation…MUST READ

     While the whole of India has been looking up the cancer status of Sonali Bendre online, I decided to look up all her health Care related interviews before 2017 and to my surprise came across a dozen articles, videos and personal interviews of Sonali in which she emphasized so much on her diet and exercise routine. Her food would consist of a lot of almonds, walnuts, veggies, fruits, eggs and fish. She avoided carbs of every form and sugars. She even told the media how much she would like her husband to loose weight since Goldie was always a stout […] More

  • Anything for the helicopter ride ! Quite Humourous…

    Army Officer to Sarpanch: What the hell is going on…? You said your village population is 500… We have rescued 1000 people from flood by Helicopter so far… There are more to be rescued…. How…????  Sarpanch: Sir.. they keep swimming back here, again and again, for the free Helicopter ride…  Even I have jumped twice… Army officer was stunned… More

  • Guess Indian States Names!

    These are a few Indian states and cities…guess and name them 1. Unmarried Girl 2. Face 3. No Zip. 4. Go and come. 5. Answer state. 6. Green gate 7. Kings coat 8. Snake land 9. Large Nation 10.Place of kings 11.Rhytm of eyes 12.Come in evening 13.Make juice 14. Do drama Genius People Can Use their Minds… Example: 1. Kanya kumari More