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 While the whole of India has been looking up the cancer status of Sonali Bendre online, I decided to look up all her health Care related interviews before 2017 and to my surprise came across a dozen articles, videos and personal interviews of Sonali in which she emphasized so much on her diet and exercise routine. Her food would consist of a lot of almonds, walnuts, veggies, fruits, eggs and fish. She avoided carbs of every form and sugars. She even told the media how much she would like her husband to loose weight since Goldie was always a stout guy. So far she was titled a ”yummy mummy” by Bollywood and admired by all for her fit looks and beauty despite being a mother of a 12 year old son.
Now after all this, shouldn’t she be the last person to suffer from a stage 4 cancer?? Not forgetting to mention that every fruit, veggies, eggs or fishes of her pantry would come from organic markets given how rich she was?? Weren’t her fitness trainers and Dieticians highly qualified and renowned names?
The truth is in the garb of impressing the world by dying from inside and killing herself from not eating the food she actually should have had, she compromised her immunity and her well being and today sadly her beauty has faded with the same diet she thought she was glowing with. Restraining from foods we love and consuming foods(which no doubt are healthy) but makes us unhappy and we force ourselves to eat it because it is good for health, makes us only sad and depressed and the prime reason behind it is consuming these foods unhappily. No one feels happy to consume a bowl of salad instead of a bowl of freshly prepared rice and chicken curry. We consume negativity with those foods not realizing how much we damage ourselves from within and in our minds. I lost my uncle too, to a rare form of cancer that was traced to a certain vegetable he consumed. His wife undercooked every vegetable presuming it was good for health. She gave her husband every healthy food under the son only to learn later that he was diagnosed with 2 different types of Cancers in his late 50’s.
I strongly feel we should eat about everything in moderation and not deprive ourselves of something we like since we eat it relishing it and with love and any food eaten with love will never harm us. All we need to avoid is highly processed foods and outside food. Exercise regularly and never go on fad diets compromising your immunity. Thanking God for our lives, not doing evil unto others and being kind and helpful to all around us only contribute more to our longevity. While we can achieve a short term goal of loosing weight but we have lost our long term goal of keeping ourselves alive.

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  1. Exactly we tend to be health conscious not realizing we are doing more harm than good. Live your life it’s short I don’t mean putting garbage in your mouth but eat any damn thing but watch the portions. My prayers are with you Sonali.

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