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    Wife’s Funniest reply to husband letter

    A Husband working in UK wrote to his wife in India. Dear Sunita Darling, I can’t send you my salary this month because the global market crisis has affected my Company’s performance, so I am sending 100 kisses. You are my sweetheart, please understand and adjust with this situation. Your loving husband, His wife replied Hey hubby Thanks for the 100 kisses. Below is the list of expenses I paid with the Kisses 1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month’s milk. 2. The electricity man, agreed not to disconnect only after 7 kisses. 3. Your landlord […] More

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    How marriage works!!!!

    A newlywed couple had only been married for two weeks. The husband, although very much in love, couldn’t wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, ‘Honey, I’ll be right back.’ ‘Where are you going, honey bunch?’ asked the wife. I’m going to the bar, pretty face. I’m going to have a beer.’ The wife said, ‘You want a beer, my love?’ She went and opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer brands from 12 different countries:Germany, Holland, Japan, India, etc. […] More

  • Modi meets Trump to talk about Technology !!!

    Modi went to USA and had a meeting with Trump Trump : I want to show you that how much advance we are! Come with me, He takes him to a forest. Trump : Dig the ground. Modi did it. Trump : More….More…More… Modi went upto 100 Feet. Trump : So now, try to search something. Modi: I got a Wire. Trump: You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones. Modi became frustrated. He invited Trump to India. Next year Trump was in India. Modi: I want to show you our advancement. The same… […] More

  • Weakness of Boy and Girl !!!

    Boy: Hello Babe…. (11:45pm) Girl: (last seen at 11:46pm) Boy: Hey please answer me (11:50pm) Girl: (last seen at 11:52pm) Boy: But why do you treat me like that?? Why don’t you answer me? (12:00am) Girl: (last seen at 12:00am) Boy: Ok good night dear, i just wanted to tell you that today I have received my salary worth Rs.50,000 and i have reserved Rs.20,000 for your shopping….but l think Girl(typing): ohh hi dear… Actually mum was here thats why I couldn’t reply… N wow darling thats a gr8 newz….I love you a lot..N when shall we go ? (12:05am) […] More

  • Men will always be men

    Before the King goes to war, he locks his wife (the beautiful Queen ), in the room & gives the key to his best friend & says : If I am not back within 4 days , open the room and she is yours…. He sits on his horse & hits the road. Half an hour later he notices a dust cloud & sound behind him. He stops & sees his friend riding very fast towards him. “What’s wrong ?” King asks. . . . . Out of breath, his friend answers, “It is the wrong Key…!! “  Men Will […] More

  • Store named “New Husband” and “New Wife” store

    A store that sells “New Husbands” has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. There are six floors and the value of the products increases as the shopper ascends the floors.. A woman goes to find a husband. Floor 1 – These men Have Jobs.She continues to the second floor.. Floor 2 – These men Have Jobs …n love kids..she continues upward… Floor 3 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking..‘Wow,’ she thinks, but She goes to the fourth floor.. Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, Love […] More