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  • How To Make Her Say “I Love You”

    Boy To Girl: “I Bet I Can Make You Say “I Love You” Girl: “Its Impossible.” Boy: “Ok, Lets Try! Say Abra Ka Dabra” Girl Hanste Hue: “Abra Ka Dabra.” Boy: “Say Scrappy Coco.” Girl Confuse: “Scrappy Coco.” Boy: “Say Love.” Girl: “Love.” Boy: “What 2+2” Girl: “4” Boy: “How Old Are You?” Girl: “18” Boy: “Haha!! I Told You I Could Make You Say 18.” Girl: “No, You Said You Could Make Me Say I Love You.” Boy: “Yes, I Did It.“ More

  • Engineer philosophy if you lost your pen….

    Engineer philosophy: Suppose You Lost Your Pen? Lost Your Pen – No Pen No Pen – No Notes No Notes – No Study No Study – Fail Fail – No Diploma No Diploma – No Work No Work – No Money No Money – No Food No Food – Skinny Skinny – Ugly Ugly – No Lover No Lover – No Marriage No Marriage – No Children No Children – Alone Alone – Depression Depression – Sickness Sickness – Death Moral: So Never Lose Your Pen More

  • Spelling Of Ambulance?

    Teacher Ask A Question To All The Students. Teacher: “Who Will Spell Ambulance, Raise Your Hands?” But Teacher Got No Response From Class Then Teacher Points A Finger To A Student And Said: “You Stand Up And Spell Ambulance.” Student: “Uhhhhhh, A……. M…….. B……” Teacher: “Faster.” Student: “Wew! Wew! Wew! Wew! Wew! Wew!“ More

  • Salute To Doctors

    A Mechanic Was Removing The Cylinder Heads From The Motor Of A Car When He Spotted The Famous Heart Surgeon In His Shop. That Surgeon Was Waiting For The Service Manager To Come To Take A Look At His Car. The Mechanic Shouted Across The Garage, “Hello Doctor! Please Come Over Here For A Minute.” The Famous Surgeon Bit Surprised But He Walked Over To Where The Mechanic Was Working. The Mechanic Straightened Up, Wiped His Hands On A Rag And Asked “So Doctor, Look At This Engine. I Also Open Its Heart, Take Valves Out, Repair Any Damage And […] More