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  • Girlfriend makes his boyfriend go nuts

    The Conversation Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend On Phone. Girlfriend: “Baby, I Am In A Big Trouble.”Boyfriend: “Why Is That?” Girlfriend: “I Saw A Mouse In My House.”Boyfriend: “Oh, Well, All You Need To Do Is Use A Trap.” Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have A Trap.”Boyfriend: “Well Then, Buy One.” Girlfriend: “Can’t Afford One.”Boyfriend: “I Can Give You Mine If You Want.” Girlfriend: “That Sounds Good.”Boyfriend: “All You Need To Do Is Just Use Some Cheese In Order To Make The Mouse Come To The Trap.” Girlfriend: “I Don’t Have Any Cheese.”Boyfriend: “Okay Then, Take A Piece Of Bread And Put A […] More

  • How To Fix Your Love Marriage In An Easy Way?

    A Girl Went To His Father To Introduce Pappu To Get Married With Him Father With Aggression: “So You Want To Marry My Daughter,What Do You Do For A Living?” Pappu: “I Just Got Out Of Prison, I Will Search A Job Soon.” Father: “What The Hell Are You Talking You Were In Prison, How Dare You Come Here For Marraige Proposal With That Bad Record? Why Were You In Prison By The Way?” Pappu: “I Killed A Person” Father: “Why You Killed That Man?” Pappu Smiled: “He Denied To Marry His Daughter.” Father Scared: “Ohh, Welcome To The Family […] More

  • Good News And A Bad News

    Wife To Husband On The Phone, Wife: “Hey Baby, How Are You Doing?” Husband: “Listen, I Am Really Busy, Don’t Have Time To Talk At All” Wife: “Well Baby, I Have A Good News And Bad News For You. You Want To Hear Them?” Husband: “Just Tell Me The Good News, I Don’t Have Time For The Bad!” Wife: “Okay, Good News Is The Air Bags Of Our New BMW Work Absolutely Fine“ More