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  • Who’s The Lucky Guy?

    Girl Is Walking On The Road And She Saw An Astrologer Sitting On The Roadside. Girl Went To Astrologer And Said: “I’ve Two Boyfriends, Tell Me Who’ll I Get Married To, Who’s The Lucky Guy?” Astrologer After Looking Her Hand: “The Second One Will Marry You And The First One Is The Lucky Guy.” More

  • Why The Red Shirt Sir??

    A Soldier Rushes To His Captain & Says: “One Enemy Ship Is Approaching Us” Captain Replies “David, Go Bring My Red Shirt” Soldier Gets Shirt For His Captain. Enemy Ship Comes In, Heavy Rounds Of Fire Are Exchanged. Finally The Captain Wins. Soldier Asks: “Congrats Sir, But Why The Red Shirt?” Captain Replies: “If I Got Injured Then My Blood Shouldn’t Be Seen As I Don’t Want My Soldiers To Lose Hope” Suddenly The Soldier Replied: “Sir, 20 Enemy Ships Are Coming” Captain Replied: “David, Go And Bring My Yellow Trouser“ More

  • Little Johnny shocks his teacher!!!

    Little Johnny Was Being Questioned By The Teacher During An Arithmetic Lesson. Teacher Said: “If You Had Ten Dollars, And I Asked You For A Loan Of Eight Dollars, How Much Would You Have Left?” Little Johnny Firmly Said: “Ten” The Teacher Said: “Ten? How Do You Make It Ten?” Little Johnny Replied: “Well, You May Ask For A Loan Of Eight Dollars, But That Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get It“ More

  • Don’t Give Up In Love

    Boy See A Beautiful Girl Sitting Right Next To Him, And He Writes On Paper. “I Love You, Do You Love Me?” She Wrote On The Same Paper “No” Boy Didn’t Give Up, He Rubs Her Answer & Passed The Same Paper To Another Girl Sitting Left To Him And She Replies “Yes” Moral Of The Story “Never give up in love.“ More