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    When you become a teacher at young age

    While visiting a country school, the Chairman of the Board Of Education became provoked at the noise the unruly students were making in the next room.  Angrily, he opened the door and grabbed one of the taller boys who seemed to be doing most of the talking. He dragged the boy to the next room and stood him in the corner.  A few minutes later, a small boy stuck his head in the room and pleaded, “Please, sir, may we have our teacher back?” More

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    How dad checks your heart…..

    The boyfriend calls his girlfriend and says, “Hi, hon, are you good with your heart transplant tomorrow?”  “Oh, I’m a bit frightened, but confident,” she answers.  “You know, I love you, and I’m sure everything is gonna be fine,” he adds.  “I love you too!” she says and hangs up.  After a successful surgery, she wakes up and when she sees her father beside her, she inquires, “Where’s my boyfriend?”  “Whose heart do you think is in your body now?” asks her dad.  “NOOOO!!!” she exclaims.  “Calm down,” said her father, “this was just to test your new heart. He […] More

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    Why a man can’t have a girlfriend

    As a man serviced an alarm system at a jewelry store recently, the saleswoman let him know that the store was having a 20 percent off sale.  “I bet your girlfriend would love it if you bought her something,” she suggested.  “I don’t have a girlfriend,” he answered.  “No girlfriend? Why not?”  “My wife won’t let me have one. “ More

  • Best way to be home early from school…

    One day Jimmy got home early from school. Looking at that his mom asked, “Why are you home so early?”  He answered, “Because I was the only one that answered a question in my class.”  She said, “Wow, my son is a genius. What was the question?”  Jimmy replied, “The question was ‘Who threw the trash can at the principal’s head? More