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  • Want to learn Bargaining… only Gujjus can teach you that!

    A Gujju calls a Dentist to inquire about the cost for tooth extraction. Dentist : Rs 850 Sir. Gujju : Rs 850!!! Too much! Don’t you have anything cheaper? Dentist : That’s the normal charge, Sir. Gujju : What if you don’t use any anesthetic? Dentist : That’s unusual, Sir, but can be done and will cut the cost by Rs 400 . Gujju : Ok. And what if you deploy one of your trainee-dentists to do the extraction, without anesthetic? Dentist : Well, I cannot guarantee professionalism and it also would be painful. But the price could drop down […] More

  • Tha Darr App for husband..

    After massive demands from all husbands………. A new app called “Darr” is launched for iPhone and Android You just say..‘Wife’.. and it closes all websites, hides all chats, Shuts down all games, hide all special folders and best of all.. puts your wife’s photograph as a wallpaper. More

  • Wife’s name in contact list as years pass…

    A newly married husband saved his wife’s mobile number on his mobile as- ” My LIFE “ – After one year of marriage he changed the number to- ” My HOT WIFE “ – After 2 years of marriage he changed the number to- ” My HOME “ – After 5 years of marriage he changed the number to- ” HITLER“ – & After 10 years of marriage he changed the number to- ” WRONG NUMBER.. So have you done this ……..  More

  • Demo of married life

    A man brings his best buddy home for dinner … unannounced at 7:30 pm after work. His wife begins screaming at him & his friend just sits & listens in. Wife: My hair & makeup are not done, the house is a mess, the dishes are not done, I’m still in my pajamas & I can’t be bothered with cooking tonight ! Why the hell did you bring him home for ? Husband: Because he’s thinking of getting married & I promised him a demo ! More