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  • Hungry Santa lands in jail

    Santa goes to the court and that was his first day entering a court. The judge shouted “Order, Order!!” Santa was so excited, So He shouted back “fried rice with chicken, five bottles of beer and a chilled glass of special ice mineral water.” Santa am now locked up in a dark room and he is still sure they will bring my order soon. More

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    When two girls start chatting….

    Two Girls were Chatting.. 1st: Last night, I went on a date with my boyfriend. It was a beautiful night. 2nd: Really! Wow.. What all happened? 1st: He took me to his apartment, he gently kissed me and opened first button of my top that I had bought from Pantaloons… 2nd: Wow you bought a new top? 1st: Yes, it was on sale. I bought jeans too. 2nd: Is the sale still going on? 1st: Yes 2nd: Let’s got for shopping then. 1st: Let’s go. ————————————- Kitne Expectation se Story padh rahe the.. Ladkiya hai…. Topic kabhi bhi Change ho […] More

  • Alia Bhatt tries to crack a joke ….

    Varun: how many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?  Alia: I can eat 6 apples.  Varun: Wrong. you can eat only 1 apple on empty stomach bcoz when you eat the 2nd apple tht’s not an empty stomach!  Alia: Wow superb joke I’ll tell my friend…  Alia to Shraddha: how many apples you can eat on an empty stomach ?  Shraddha: I can eat 10  Aliya: Pagal.. 6 bolti to mast joke sunati!! More

  • When pintu wants to see tv

    Pintu:- daadi neend nahi aa rahi . TV dekh lun?  Dadi:- mujhse baat kar le.  Pintu:- daadi kya hum hamesha 6 hi rahenge  Aap,mom,dad,Didi,main aur meri billi..  Dadi:- nahi beta aapke liye kal doggy b aa rha h toh 7 ho jayenge.  Pintu:- par doggy toh billi ko kha jayega toh fir 6 ho jayenge  Dadi:- nahi beta aapki shaadi ho jayegi toh 7 ho jayenge.  Pintu:- fir behen chali jayegi shaadi karke toh fir 6 ho jayenge.  Dadi:- beta fir aapka beta ho jayega toh 7 ho jayenge. Pintu:- tab tak aap mar jaaogi toh hum wapas se 6 […] More