College life Vs Office life

College life Vs Office life 

College: We have different papers and different staff to manage us. 

Office: We have only one task and only one manager. 

C: We can blame the staff for our mistakes. 

O: No one will hear your words. You will be punished for other’s mistake too [especially managers]. 

C: We know the exam date exactly. 

O: Never clear about the audit date. It may happen today or later. 

C: If you scored the minimum you are passed the year and you need not to answer anyone. 

O: If you scored less than others, you must answer to all your higher authorities. 

C: You have minimum one month leave for your summer. 

O: You have total 12 days of leave alone. 

C: You will pay and the staffs will rule you. 

O: You will be paid and the Management will rule you. 

C: While you are in exam hall your friends can support you. 

O: While you are in auditing you cannot think about there support. Because, you must answer including there mistakes. 

C: You know exactly which is your responsibility in your exam. 

O: You cannot ensure your syllabus or your exact responsibility. It may be extended or reduced respect to auditor’s chances to blame you. 

C: If you satisfied yourself means you achieved something. 

O: If you satisfied yourself means, you did a great mistake. You must be prepared to answer for everyone. 

C: You like to spend your time with your family in joy full events. 

O: You like to spend your time with your family in peace. 

C: Your girl friend is proud about your costume. 

O: Your girl friend is proud about your salary. 

C: Mum will scold you for taking less food [if you are days caller]. 

O: You will scold the hotel waiter for poor taste. 

C: Friends will give joy. 

O: Friends will give joys which leads to problems. 

C: You have many choices to do (JOB). 

O: You have only one way to do. 


C: Is a heaven with satisfaction by spending large amount of money. 

O: Is a hell with dissatisfaction by earning less money.

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