Desi moms are just different

Today, I went to a restaurant with my family and on our way out my mom told me to collect as many napkins and free mints as I could. MLID


Today, i was out with my mom when out of no where an old lady comes in front of us and walks real slow. My mom gets mad & starts to make fun of her in urdu calling her boodhi. Both of us are crackin up, when suddenly the same lady turns around and looks directly at both of us. She’s desi… MLID


Today I had to fill out forms to get paid and was in a quiet office. When I called my parents for some information, they asked me if I got arrested from drunk driving because I was talking in a low voice. MLID


Today, I was moving into my new apartment. My mom wouldn’t let me move in any of my boxes. She had to hang 7 chilies and a lemon at my front door entrance first. MLID.


Today, I was forced to visit my Auntie and Uncle’s place. My mom told me we were leaving in 5 minutes. My parents then spent 15 minutes talking about how everyone there must come visit us. Then everyone there spent 20 minutes insisting that we must visit them. We walked out 55 minutes later. MLID


Today, I was watching ZeeTV with my mom. There was an ad for Ajmeri Baba, a person who can solve black magic and relationship problems. My mom said, “Maybe I should ask him where to find a husband for you beta.” MLID.


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