Smart Lady responses to Bus Conductor

Bus Conductor – Madam, What’s the age of this children? (Madam en bacho ki Umar kitni hai?)

Lady – Small one 2 year old, Middle one 2.5 year old, and the last one 3 year old. (Chota 2 saal, Bech ka 2.5 saal or bada 3 saal ka)

Bus conductor as pulling her leg – madam, If you don’t want to buy ticket then its OK… (madam tiket nahi lena koi baat nahi)

but at least keep the age difference of the children minimum of 9 months ( But bacho ke Bech gap kam se kam 9 months ka rakhoo)

Lady – Ohh hello…. Middle one child is of my Sister ( kalmuhe bechwala bacha mere Devrani ka hai)

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