Which Airline Does She Work For?

A Man Finds A Beautiful & Hot Girl In An Airline Uniform At An Airport Cafe Sitting Next To Him.

He Thinks To Himself ”She Must Be A Flight Attendant, But Which Airline Does She Work For ?

Hoping To Get Her Attention He Just Started To Say The Slogans Of Airlines

He Leans Towards Her And Says The Jet Airways Slogan ”The Joy Of Flying”

That Girl Doesn’t Pay Any Attention.

Again He Leans And Says The Kingfisher’s Slogan ”Fly The Good Times” And Again Gets No Response.

Now He Say Emirates Slogan ”Keep Discovering”

But This Time He Leans Over To Say Another Airlines Slogan. Before He Could, Girl Turns And Says: “Kya Takleef Hai Re Tere Ko Haramkhor?

Man Leans Back, Smiles And Says: “Ahhh…. Air India.

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